Find your favorite celebrity

Find your favorite celebrity

Uniks offers you the chance to evaluate some of the world's most famous celebrities.¿How similar are you and your favorite celebrity? ¿With which celebrity do you have more in common?

Evaluate your friends

Think of someone... ¿seductive or intelligent? Pick 5 attributes that characterize that person, you know them well. Dare yourself to point those attribute that person wouldn't dare to.
Now, pick an area of improvement and write a message, it will be private between the two of you.

  • · Select the strengths

  • · Select the aspect to improve

  • · Measure your self-knowledge

  • · Measure your similarity with your friends and with the celebrities

  • · Measure the empathy. Which friend sees you as you see yourself?


We classify celebrities in categories and sub-categories. Find your favorite celeb and evaluate it.

About us

Uniks is designed by a team of professionals that includes psychologists and coaches. Uniks is based on proved methodologies of prestigious 360 analysis.

In Uniks we build your profile from the evaluations received from your friends after they have selected the attributes and improvement area that they think define you.

Uniks performs a personality analysis in a way that is simple and entertaining; and it’s innovative because the data from both the individual evaluations and the evaluators are open to everybody. Uniks lays on three principles: courage, transparency and respect toward others.

Our claim is "my real profile, you about me".

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