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Last update: February, 2017

Adam Richard Wilies, also known as Calvin Harris is a famous DJ, producer and British singer born in 1984 in Dumfries, Scotland. The famous DJ has reached the top of the electronic music industry through his songs, which are very successful worldwide.

During his teens, Adam began to love this kind of music. When he was 21, and under the stage name Calvin Harris, he launched his first two issues; Da Bongos and Brighter Days. The first album the young DJ released was in 2007, under the name I Created Disco. Acceptable in the 80's, a song from the album of DJ Calvin Harris, had a major impact as it reached the top 10 in the UK Singles Chart. That same year he worked as a producer on the X album of the famous singer Kylie Minogue. The second album of the popular artist was Ready for the Weekend, released in 2008.

The album of electronic music was led by the single I'm Not Alone. This single was well received by the electronic scene and became top 3 in the UK Singles Chart, which impacted positively on the image of the DJ The third album by Calvin Harris, and the most successful, was 18 months. He managed to put the eight tracks on the album in the top 10 of the singles chart in the UK Singles Chart. Amongst all the songs contained in the album, the most famous ones were: Bounce, Feel So Close, Sweet Nothing and I Need Your Love. In 2012 he won the award for the Best Electronic Music Video delivered by the MTV Video Music Awards for the production of Feel So Close. That same year, the famous DJ won another award also from MTV Video Music Awards for the Video of the Year on the song he made with the famous singer Rihanna, We Found Love. The fourth and latest album from the famous DJ Calvin Harris was released in 2014 under the name Motion. The album contains two of the most successful singles of recent years from the Scottish DJ, Summer and Under Control.

In 2015 the famous DJ Calvin Harris signed a three-year collaboration with one of the most famous nightlife groups in the world Hakkasan Group, in Las Vegas. This will take him to act in the most prestigious clubs in the group, mostly located in the famous city in Nevada, in the United States.