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Last Update: April, 2017.

Her name was Gabrielle Chanel, she was born in Saumur, France on August 19th, 1883. She was a French High-Fashion Designer, founder of Chanel Brand. She is recognized with the pseudonym “Coco Chanel”, with which she was known until becoming in the only one fashion designer included in the Time Magazine one hundred most influential persons list from century XX.

She was one of the most prolific designers of history and one of the most innovator persons during the World-War I. She innovated by creating a casual, comfortable and simple line of clothes. She reached the success as a businesswoman and social prominence in the decade of 1910. She was also a purses, perfumes, hats and jewels designer.

Her highly competitive and opportunistic personality took her to come to questioned decisions that generated disputes and damaged her reputation, especially regarding her cooperation with Gestapo during German Occupation of France in World-War II.

The war and her affiliation with a Nazi Officer seriously affected her Company and her image as a Designer. Nevertheless, she was able to re-open her Company in 1954, with which she got a renewed success in The United States and United Kingdom until her death in Paris in 1971.