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About Dani Pedrosa

Last update: February, 2017

Dani Pedrosa is a Spanish Moto GP pilot. He has several awards among which there are three titles in the World Motorcycling Championship in the categories 125 and 250 D.C. Also, the famous pilot has been runner-up three times Moto GP with Repsol Honda team.

Daniel Pedrosa was born on September 29, 1985 in Sabadell, Barcelona. From his childhood he showed great interest for motorcycling, and started practicing this sport from very young. Being only 13 he signed for his first cup of promotion, passing all the selection tests. In 2000 he participated in the Championship of Spain, teaming with Raul Jara and Joan Olivé, ranking fourth. The popular MotoGP pilot caught the attention of industry professionals and was chosen to compete in the World Championship, one of his biggest dreams. When he was only 15, Pedrosa achieved his first podium in Cheste and two more in Valencia and Motegi, being his first great season at a professional level.

The famous pilot remained in third place in the MotoGP World Championship in 2002, standing at the gates to reach the first position. In 2003 became champion in 125 D.C. However, he had an accident in Phillip Island where he broke both his ankles. A year later, Pedrosa won the world championship of 250 D.C. on the same track where he suffered the accident, becoming the youngest champion in history. In 2005 he again became the champion of 250 D.C., being a benchmark despite his youth. That same year began his career in MotoGP with the Repsol Honda team, winning for first time in 2006, in the Chinese Grand Prix. In the following season, the famous pilot was second in the world championship, just after the winner Valentino Rossi.

Pedrosa still did good seasons in 2008 and 2009, when he finished third in the world ranking, despite winning several major races like the one in Qatar. In the following seasons and with the arrival of great riders like Jorge Lorenzo, the popular pilot saw his chances on obtaining the title he missed drop. He finished fourth in the world ranking in 2012 and third a year later. In 2014 he repeated position and saw the promising young Marc Márquez join his team. Despite suffering several injuries and abandonments during 2015, the pilot finished fourth in international competition.