Areas where UNIKS can have a positive impact on organizations.

Uniks has a positive impact on organizations by acting on some of the problems that companies have and we work on three levels: We improve the well-being of PEOPLE, the performance of TEAMS and the results of ORGANISATIONS.


Uniks has an impact on many areas of strategic people management, especially those related to TALENT ALIGNMENT and DEVELOPMENT.


What makes us unique?

  • · The purpose of feedback: the wellbeing of individuals and groups through emotional bonds.

  • · Two tools in one application: 360º test and recognition.

  • · Impact at 3 levels: individual, group and organisation.

  • · It puts the person at the centre and is for all levels.

  • · Dynamic feedback (24/7).

  • · Good UX, better adoption and greater engagement.

  • · High participation: higher engagement.

  • · Lower price than other 360º feedback tools.