The Control Panel of a complete HR tool for 360 and recognition

The control panel allows the creation of the group's gratitude concepts, the configuration of its functioning, the sending of invitations by email and access to all the group's global and individual data.

Uniks, HR management, global employee data

Global data

· Group participation · Individual participation · Most popular gratitude concepts · Most active users

Uniks, HR platform, profile of strengths and competencies of the group and people

Profiles of people and groups

· 5 strengths and 1 area for improvement (global feedback) · 3 factors and 11 competencies (global feedback) · 10 strengths and 3 areas for improvement (group member feedback) · User self-assessment · Self-knowledge report

HRTech Uniks,  detail, feedback 360 assessment and recognition

Feedback detail

· Detail of each 360º evaluation · Detail of each gratitude reward

Uniks HR, gratitude recognition rewards setting


· Creation of personalised gratitude concepts (values and behaviours) · Visibility of medals and messages · Global and individual limits of use · Sending of invitations via email · Inactivity reminders (calendar)