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Last update: February, 2017

Iker Casillasis a Spanish football player who currently plays in the Football Club Porto and is captain of the Spanish national soccer team. The famous soccer player plays as a goalkeeper and enjoys great prestige and popularity, both inside and outside of Spain.

Born in 1981, Iker Casillas made his debut in the ranks of Real Madrid with nine years old, and in which he played most of his career. In 1999 he joined the first team, becoming one of the players of Real Madrid with more games played with 725. Casillas has won multiple tournaments with the Madrid team among which includes five Spanish league titles, four Super Cups and two Europe cup, making him one of the greatest athletes in the history of Spanish sport. On the other hand, the popular soccer player has been considered the best goalkeeper in the world by FIFA and UEFA, for five times, also being named the best goalkeeper in the world by the IFHS for four consecutive years. In addition, Casillas has been a finalist in several times in the Golden Ball, but has never won such recognition at individual sport level.

In 2011 he was appointed captain of Real Madrid and that season they won the \"League of Records\" for record of goals and points with 100 and 120 respectively. The famous soccer player Iker Casillas left the Real Madrid in 2015, joining as goalkeeper for the FC Porto. Casillas plays for the Spanish football team since his youth, winning the European Championship Under-16 in 1997 and the U-20 World Cup two years later. In 2000 he debuted in the first team, winning several trophies and the prestigious World Cup.

The famous footballer holds several world records among which are the fact that he is the only captain to lift two European Championships, the only player with 100 victories in matches with his national team, or the record of 589 consecutive minutes of play in finals without conceding a goal.

Iker Casillas is also recognized for his philanthropic work, carrying out several campaigns in collaboration with various social organizations. One of the highlights was the campaign of Plan Spain for children in Peru, with which he participated in a football game at more than 3,000 meters high in Cuzco. The acclaimed footballer has a son from his relationship with sports Spanish journalist Sara Carbonero.