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Last update: May, 2017

Homer Simpson is the head of the household and the leader of the Simpson family. When Homer has an idea or hatches a scheme, the rest of the family usually follows along (even when his ideas are harebrained). He is direct, quick to confrontation, and always speaks his mind.

Throughout the past 24 seasons, Homer Simpson has proven himself to be incredibly impulsive. As is sometimes the case with high D personalities, he is impatient and sometimes rushes to action before getting all of the facts or thinking through the consequences. He quits his job frequently, gets into arguments with strangers, makes huge purchases before thinking things through, and is generally the instigator of most of the family’s wild adventures. Even though Homer is the source of most of the family’s problems, he is also quick to come up with (often equally problematic) solutions to the chaos he causes.

Like many D personalities, Homer is competitive and quick-tempered. He can be extremely tenacious when it’s something he cares about. Another classic “D style” trait: Homer hates to be taken advantage of, and is often at his most angry when he catches his children trying to trick, disrespect, or fool him.