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About James Harden

Last update: February, 2017

James Harden is a famous American basketball player playing in the NBA shooting guard. Harden is one of the most recognized athletes in his field and was named Best Player of the NBA Sixth in 2012, debuting at the prestigious All-Star game a year later.

James Edward Harden was born on August 26th, 1989 in Los Angeles and showed small interest in the sport. Harden played with the Arizona State Sun Devils and was one of the best basketball players of the team. In 2009 Harden was selected as Player of the Year Pac-10, being one of the highlights of his career and the first great recognition received. During that season he signed for the Oklahoma City Thunder after finishing third in the NBA Draft,debuting in the famous American basketball league. During his first season, they reached the final but finally lost the Miami Heat against the famous basketball player Lebron James. Despite standing out in the Oklahoma team, two years after his signing, the famous player rejected an offer of 55 million dollars. He decided not to renew because he wanted to have a greater role within the team and was traded to the Houston Rockets. That same year, Harden was selected to be part of the United States men's national basketball team at the London Olympics, winning the gold medal.

In his first game with the Houston Rockets, the famous basketball player James Harden scored 37 points; got 12 assists and 6 rebounds, being one of his best debuts. That same season, Harden broke his own scoring record with 45 points in a game against the Atlanta Hawks. He also played his first All-Star that year. In 2013 he exceeded again his own record in the NBA, reaching 50 before the Denver team, becoming one of the NBA and world’s best basketball players.

He played again the All-Star game in 2014 and 2015 and was chosen in the All-NBA Team in both years. In addition, the basketball player took the World Championships in 2014, beating Spain in the final. James Harden is also known by the nickname \"The beard\" because of his striking beard that has become his most characteristic feature.