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Last Updated: April, 2017

John Galliano was born in Gibraltar, on November 28th, 1960. He is a famous fashion designer. In 1984 he graduated in fashion design from St. Martin's School of Arts, with a collection inspired by the French Revolution. After that he established his own brand, with his name, thus starting a solid career as a fashion designer.

His love for theater and femininity plays a central role in his creations; "My role is to seduce" he said. Galliano has stated several times that the actress Charlize Theron is his muse and inspiration for women’s fashion. Fashion designs from him have been used in events such as the red carpet of the 2006 Oscar Awards and the 2005 Golden Globes Awards by the actress.

Until the end of 2011, John Galliano worked between his own firm and Christian Dior, S. A. This laboral relationship was broken on September 25 of that same year, when the Christian Dior firm dismissed him for segregationist attitudes. Galliano then denounced the Dior house for improper dismissal. 3 years later, on November 5, 2014, the judgment was passed in favor of the dismissal, condemning Galliano to pay a symbolic euro to each of the persons he had denounced.

A month before the verdict, John Galliano begin to work as the new artistic director of the Maison Martin Margiela, expecting his debut for the Haute Couture week in January of 2015. But after The Sun made public a video in which Galliano, visibly drunk, said he loved Hitler and started to verbally assault some people, the "maison" began the procedures of dismissal of the designer. Subsequently, Galliano was tried and sentenced to 6,000 euros fine for racist and anti-Semitic insults, a figure despicable for someone so wealthy but very discredited for his personal image.

Paradoxically, Galliano became a familiar figure in the streets of Le Marais, an area popular among gay men in Paris as well as the city's Jewish community. According to the Daily Mail, he has Jewish ancestry of the Sephardic branch, having arrived in Britain from Spain and Portugal in the 19th century.