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Last update: February, 2017

Kevin Durant is a famous American NBA basketball player who has participated in the All-Star game five times and was chosen Rookie in 2008. Durant has been world champion and Olympic gold medal with the national team US basketball. The top performer is one of the most famous players in the world.

Kevin Durant began playing in the PG Jaguars in 2004 while he was studying high school. In this team he won multiple national championships but achieved greater recognition when he was in the Oak Hill Academy, winning the USA national championship in 2005. Kevin Durant was transferred to Montrose Christian School in Maryland during the following season and he was named one of the best male basketball players of the year by the Washington Post. He finished high school that same season and started playing for the University of Texas, where he was for only one year and won Oscar Robertson Trophy and Adolph F. Rupp Trophy awards, a very good recognition for such a young player.

In 2007, the famous basketball player Kevin Durant was second in the NBA Draft and signed for the Seattle Supersonics and debuted in the world’s best basketball leagu. In his first year he scored an average of 20.3 points, 4.4 rebounds and 2.4 assists, becoming the Rookie of the Year. In the following season, the popular basketball player participated in the All-Star Weekend and moved to Oklahoma with his team, which was renamed Oklahoma City Thunder. Kevin Durant led the team during the next season, winning the Most Valuable Player of Rookie Challenge in 2009. A year later he was selected in the All-NBA Team, becoming one of the most recognized basketball players of United States, a fact that was confirmed in 2014 as he was selected Most Valuable Player. During the 2012 season Kevin Durant played the NBA Finals against Miami Heat where LeBron James was playing, and they got the title. He got an average of 25.4 points, 6.6 rebounds and 4.1 assists per game, becoming the leader of the Oklahoma City Thunder In 2014.

Monica Wright, Durant's wife, is also a basketball player and the couple has a restaurant in Oklahoma City. Durant is the image of several companies such as Nike, Gatorade and Spirit, obtaining high profits from their advertising commitments. Also, Durant is the image of the music label P'Tones Records, a non-profit record that fosters creativity among students who have just completed compulsory education.