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About Leonardo DiCaprio

Last update: February, 2017

Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous American actor born in Los Angeles in 1974. DiCaprio is the only son of an Italian and German descent family. He has been recognized with lots of awards and fame due to his career. After having been five times nominated, he finally won an Oscar for Best Actor.

After starring in several commercials and educational films in the 80s, Leonardo DiCaprio made his acting debut in 1990 in a television series called Parenthood. Thanks to this paper and a less relevant one he won a Young Artist Award nomination (Best Young Actor).

DiCaprio made his film debut in the film Critters 3 in 1991, although it was not until 1992 when he reached success after being selected by the renownedactor Robert De Niro to participate in a film starred in by De Niro. In 1993, Leonardo DiCaprio starred in What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, along with the famous actor Johnny Depp. He got a nomination for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his role as a man with mental disability.

After other film projects, the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio came to fame and consolidated his career thanks to his main role in the hit movie Titanic in 1997, where he played Jack Dawson. Titanic broke all records and became the highest grossing film of the moment and the famous Leonardo DiCaprio positioned among the best actors in the world.

The famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio has a large number of successful feature films among his movies long list. We highlight Beach (2000), catch me if you can, (2002), Gangs of New York (2002) Shutter Island (2010), Inception (2010), Django Unchained (2012) and The Great Gatsby (2013). It has also participated in major projects that have gotten him Hollywood Oscar nominations in the category of Best Actor. These films are The Aviator (2004), Blood Diamond (2006) and The Wolf of Wall Street (2013). He finally got the Oscar for his role in The Revenant (2015).

Besides being a famous actor, Leonardo DiCaprio combines his daily activities with environmental activism. He has been stated in favor of the environment on several occasions. He also contributed an organization that defends the rights of homosexuals.