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Last update: February, 2017

Maria Lucia Sanchez Benitez, better known by her stage name Malu, was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1982. Daughter of Spanish singer Pepe de Lucia and Pepa Benitez, the popular Spanish singer and performer grew up surrounded by talent and music. She began her musical career with just 15 years old, when in 1998 the producer Jesus Yanes heard her singing in a Flemish family party. Her first album, Trainee, came out the same year and had successful collaborations with singers Alejandro Sanz and Pedro Guerra. Since then, the famous singer has released nine albums and has three more compilations. The famous Spanish artist has more than two and a half million music CDs sold.

Since the beginning of her musical career, the famous singer Malu has received numerous awards and nominations, becoming one of the Spanish artists with more recognition at national and international level. She has 11 Cadena Dial awards, 5 40 Principales awards and received two nominations for Best Latin Pop Female Vocal Album in 2011, and Song of the Year Grammy for her song Only love will save us in 2013. The award-winning singer Malu also got six nominations in the World Music Awards and won the Ondas Award for Best artist of the year in 2014. In addition, the same year she managed to fill the Sports Palace of Madrid with more than 60,000 people, the only female artist who has accomplished it.

The latest album of the singer, Chaos, was released in November 2015 and includes some compounds by Malu. This album features the composer collaboration of the celebrity’s brother, José de Lucía. The album was an instant success and as soon as it was launched, it became number one on the most important music platforms of Spain, fact that has increased her fame and recognition.

The famous singer was chosen as a jury for the Spanish version of the hit of US television show The Voice, La Voz, along with the famous Spanish singer Melendi, Rosario Flores and David Bisbal. Malu has been part of the jury for all seasons of The Voice, issued by Telecinco. In addition to her musical career, the famous singer participates in various charitable causes related to the Red Cross, UNICEF, Save the Children, AECC and Greenpeace. Malu has also spoken against the stubborn of animals, actively helping protectors and other associations.