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Last update: February, 2017

María Valverde Rodríguez is a famous Spanish actress born in Madrid in March 1987. Winner of a Goya Award in 2003 for Best Actress, María has a very successful career.

The popular actress María Valverde could not have had a better start in her actress career because, in 2003, she made her debut on the big screen next to the famous actor Luis Tosar in The Weakness of the Bolshevik, a film for which she won a Goya Award for Best Actress. In 2004, she participated in Outside the body and in Vorvik in 2005. A year later she appeared in The Borgias. Afterwards, she paused her film career to become a theatre actress. Since 2007 and during three years, she starred Stoning Mary, Puerta del Sol and Raining in Barcelona.

María Valverde returned to the big screen with great force. She co-starred in Three Steps Above Heaven (2010) with Mario Casas, with whom she had a relationship from 2009 to 2014. It was a big hit movie amongst the Spanish youth and was one of the highest grossing of the year. By participating in this film, the popular actress gained much reputation in the world of the acting arts in Spain. Two years later and after the experienced success, appeared in I Want You, the second part of Three Steps Above Heaven. In 2013, the famous film director Ridley Scott contacted María Valverde to let her appear in his upcoming film, Exodus: Gods and Kings, released in 2014. In the film, the popular actress played the role of Zipporah, who was Moses’s wife. The role of Moses in the film was represented by the famous British actor Christian Bale. María Valverde has admitted on several occasions that it was difficult to believe she was making a movie with such reputed actors. At the end of 2014, the famous actress embarked on a new project with the comedian and actor Dani Rovira, from Malaga. The film was Now or Never and, a comedy about which María claimed to have had much respect since that was her first time working in a comedy film. The famous actress has several projects in 2016, as Gernika and Limehouse Golem, amongst others.