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About Mario Casas

Last update: February, 2017

Mario Casas Sierra, known in the film world as Mario Casas, is a famous Spanish actor born in Galicia in 1986. He rose to fame for his appearance on the Spanish TV series Los hombres de Paco. Mario has a great reputation in Spain and South America.

His first television appearances were in advertising commercials. He worked for Telepizza, Scalextric, Maggi or Boomer. When he turned 18, the popular actor moved to Madrid to begin his studies at the School of Interpretation Cristina Rota. Thanks to his training in the performing arts, he was given a role in the Spanish youth series SMS in 2006. In the same year he won the confidence of the worldwide known Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, who offered him to participate in his production, The Way of the English. He later appeared in Los hombres de Paco, a TV series in which he gained a lot of popularity. It was not until 2009 that the famous actor made a step forward in his film career when he participated in Brain Drain and in Lies and fat women. Both films were very successful and, as a result, the sum of these films and his participation in Los hombres de Paco made Mario Casas gain a lot of popularity among the Spanish public.

After the end of Los hombres de Paco in 2010, the famous actor appeared with the known actress María Valverde in Three Steps Above Heaven, who later became his girlfriend. The film was a big hit among Spanish youth, which made Mario Casas be positioned amongst the most coveted actors in the Spanish Academy. The success led him participate in 2011 in the TV series El Barco, next to the popular actress Blanca Suarez. In 2012 he participated in I want you, the second part of Three Steps Above Heaven, with actress Clara Lago. During the same year, he also starred in the detective genre called Group 7, which was a role quite different from what he was used to.

On the personal part, the popular actor had a relationship of five years with the famous actress Maria Valverde. The relationship ended in 2014, the same year in which Mario Casas began another relationship with the Ukrainian actress with Ethiopian origins Berta Vázquez.