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Last update: February, 2017

Martin Garritsen, known worldwide as Martin Garrix, is a famous young Dutch DJ who only is 19. At his early age, he is considered the third best DJ in world music, according to the annual ranking organized by the Top 100 DJ Mag. He is already preparing his first studio album with the name + X, an album highly anticipated by his musical collaborations and under his own label. Martin is expected to work on their his new album with famous artists like the famous singer Justin Bieber, the famous DJ David Guetta, Ed Sheeran and Hardwell, among others.

The small but glorious career of this miracle of Holland began thanks to the famous DJ Tiesto, an artist of electronic music that has a great career in this sector. After seeing him perform at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, Martin Garrix saw on Tiesto what he wanted to become. He studied at an academy of music production in Utrecht, the Herman Brood Academy.

After the release of BFAM with his friend Julian Jordan, he made his first solo song called Keygen. This song won the award in 2012 for the DJ revelation of the year, given by SLAM! FM, one of the leading radio stations in electronic music in Holland. In 2013 he released a song called Torrent along with Sidney Samson through the label of DJ Tiesto, Musical Freedom.

Spinnin 'Records, a major record label in the electronic music scene, hired famous Martin Garrix when they saw in him an incredible potential. Following the release of an issue that went around the world, Animals, the talented DJ positioned himself as one of the young promises worldwide. When he was only 17, Martin entered the 40th position known DJ Mag Top 100, showing to the world his potential. In 2014 he managed to reach the 4th position and in 2015 and was one of the best DJs in the world, achieving a creditable 3rd place, although many people expected him to become the number 1. In these years of rapid growth, Martin Garrix has been releasing highly successful songs which have allowed him to reach the top of electronic music and for 2016 the famous DJ Martin Garrix has announced big news.