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About Miguel Cabrera

José Miguel Cabrera Torres was born in Maracay, Venezuela, on April 18, 1983. He is best known as Miggy, a professional baseball player who plays in the Major League Baseball with the Detroit Tigers. Since making his debut in 2003, he has twice been a Major League Baseball MVP award winner, four-time American League batting champion and 11 times the MLB championship. In 2012, he won the Triple Crown in Major League Baseball.

Miggy first uniformed at the age of 4 and the fear got into the body. He did not play for a whole year. At 13 he made the decision of his life, he wanted to be what he is: a big leaguer. And he got two luxury scouts: his father Miguel and his mother Gregoria. According to his maternal grandmother, Berta Torres "He always threw himself down the palisade to go train or play at the baseball stadium behind the house ..."

Miguel Cabrera started 2008 with a lot of expectations since receiving a multimillion dollar contract. People were very curious because of beign his first year in the American League, but despite a somewhat irregular start Cabrera made the adjustments and showed all his talent leaving incredible numbers at the end it's from the season. Participated in 160 games, took 616 official shifts leaving an average of .292, 37 home runs and 127 runs brought to the plate; Although the main clause of his contract could not reach it: his team, the Detroit Tigers, did not advance to the Major League Baseball Post-season. From the outset they defrauded since their first victory came after 7 defeats. 

Currently, it has its own foundation: "Miguel Cabrera Foundation", in which it develops programs for the development and remodeling of baseball stadiums, "for the benefit of the good family bases" in the United States, America and the Caribbean. "What we look for with this is to give a space to the boys to be out of the bad vices of the streets," says the third baseman. "When you are a boy you play ball for fun and what we want in the foundation is to help the young ones have a place to have fun."