Sobre Deadmau5

Last update: February, 2017

Joel Thomas Zimmerman is best known in the electronic music scene as Deadmau5. Born in 1981, Joel is a famous Canadian DJ who has German, Swiss and English ancestry. Despite his renowned career, Deadmau5 is a very controversial and active in social networks personality who has been immersed in different polemics with other DJs.

Joel was born in Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada. The popular DJ Deadmau5 started in the music world after receiving a keyboard for Christmas when he was still a teenager. There it began his passion for electronic music. In 2005 he debuted with the album Get Scrapped. In 2007 he founded his own record label, called Mau5trap, with physical location in Hollywood, California, USA. In 2008 she released his second album, called Random Album Title, which was released by Ultra Records and included three co-productions of success. They were produced with the DJs Kaskade, with whom he made Move for me and I remember, and with Rob Swire, with whom he made Ghosts 'n' stuff. The three co-productions reached No. 1 on the Billboard dance, something that has never made any other Canadian artist.

In 2009 the artist was recognized as one of the DJs who had reached the most sales in Beatport, the world's most famous electronic music portal. During that same year the famous DJ Deadmau5 released the album For Lack of a Better Name. His subsequent albums were 4x4 = 12 and > album title goes here <, which were published in 2010 and 2012 respectively. The second album of these two included a song that obtained much popularity, The veldt. Specifically, it was because of the remix Tommy Trash did on the song, which made it sound very melancholic. In January 2014 through his personal Twitter channel, Joel Zimmerman announced he had finished a new album, called While (1 <2), which he was very proud of. It is speculated that during 2016 he will release a new album, although its name and release date is still unknown.