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Last update: February, 2017

Jennifer Lopez, also known as JLo, is an actress, singer, dancer, songwriter, record producer, television producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist choreographer. She was born in New York in 1969 and she has a Puerto Rican heritage. The famous singer has 8 studio albums, 2 compilations, 37 singles, 35 music videos and 7 Soundtracks. In addition, she has appeared in over 30 films and has 25 perfumes. She has twins born in 2008, called Maximilian David Muñiz and Emme Maribel Muñiz. Her first 10 albums got 85 million copies sold. She is the richest person of Latin American descendancy in Hollywood. Her fortune is estimated at $350 million. She is the most influential Latin artist in the United States, according to People Magazine.

Jennifer Lopez Jump to fame after her secondary role in My Little Girl. Her first main role was in the film Selena, which made her the first Latin actress who won a million dollars. This film brought her to the Golden Globes nomination for Best Actress. Her performance in the film Out of Sight was one of her best to date and made her ear two million dollars. The famous singer would premiere as a singer in 1999 with her album On the 6, which made her a global superstar.

JLo even appears in the Guinness World Records Book. In 2001, she released her second studio album, J. Lo, and starred in the film The Wedding Planner. Both were number one, which made her become the first and only person so far to be number one in Movies and Music. In 2011 she returned to position itself on the top of fame by singing the song On the Floor with Pitbull, which was the best-selling sold of the famous singer. It was number one in over 27 countries and she was the first woman to reach 500 million views on Youtube. Jennifer Lopez was chosen as the most beautiful woman in the world by People Magazine in 2011. The following year, Forbes named her the most powerful celebrity of the planet.

The famous singer received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame due to her collaboration in Music. Her star was the number 2,500. Among her greatest songs are found If You Had My Love, Waiting for the night, Play, Dance again, No Me Ames and Love don’t cost me a thing, among others. Jennifer Lopez is also part of the jury of the famous program American Idol.