Last update: May, 2017.

This venezuelan youtuber is better known as La Divaza but his real name is Pedro Luis Joao Figueira Álvarez. He was born on June 18, 1998 in Maracay city, Venezuela.

On december 2012 he started to produce content for his YouTube channel, in which he talked about the social situation his country lives under the current government. 

His critics and the peculiar way to express his opinions has generated controversy in Venezuela and Latin America, to the point that he became a social phenomenon in social networks.

Because of that, in 2015 La Divaza won the Influencer of the Year Award at the Explosión Creativa event. A year later E! awarded him as Celebrity E! 2016.

He was also nominated to the MTV MiAw (Millennial Awards) 2017 in La cara más fresca category and Supercolab, for his collaboration with Alejo Igoa and Juan Pablo Jaramillo. Likewise, the Estereo Awards 2017 nominated him as Web Star of The Year.

In that line, he is candidate to the YouTube silver and gold plaques for achieving more than one million subscribers on his channel. However, he tweeted on May 2017 that he hasn’t received those yet.

From vlogs, parodies, video games, song covers and critics to annual awards such as the Grammy’s, Miss Universe, AMAs, Billboard Music Awards and VMAs, his YouTube channel has diverse content based on humour and sarcasm. 

His two millions subscribers on YouTube, 729K Twitter followers, two millions Instagram followers and the same amount of fans on his Facebook page, were the reason why La Divaza was invited to be part of the Stand With Us project to promote tourism in Israel. He was also invited by Colombia and Panamá.

On May 2017, La Divaza announced that he moved out from Venezuela to Miami, United States, where he will produce the new vlog channel “Keeping up with La Divaza”.