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Last update: April, 2017.

Ralph Lifschitz was born on October 14th, 1939, in New York. He is a famous american fashion designer and businessman. He studied at City College and did his military service in 1962. On December 20th, 1964, he got married with Anne Ricky Low-Beer in New York City and had three children with her.

In 1967, he started to work in Beau Brummel Neckwear, a Tie Brand Company. He gave the name of “Polo” ton his own designs. A year later, he joined to Norman Hilton and found Polo Fashions New York. In 1971, he would open his first store and put on the market his first women´s line of clothes as a fashion designer.

Thanks to his work as a fashion designer, he impacted on the entertainment world which for, in 1977, he made all the clothing for Woody Allen, Annie Hall movie. During that same year, he changed his surname to Lauren and called his Brand as Ralph Lauren.

On September 29th, 2015, it was announced that Ralph Lauren would not be the CEO of the Company he founded anymore in order to performance as Executive President and Creative Director. His clothes, which were created for all ages of men, women and children, took him to the fame as a fashion designer and his Brand to be considered one of the most prestigious ones of the world.