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About Serena Williams

Last update: February, 2017

Serena Williams is a famous tennis player from the US, also sister of the famous tennis player Venus Williams. She is considered one of the best athletes in history and has numerous awards among which Grand Slam titles, 21 being in singles. She has also been named several times the best player in the world in the annual ranking of the Women's Tennis Association, WTA.

Williams was born on September 26, 1981 in the city of Saginaw in the US state of Michigan. she is the youngest of four sisters and was very interested in the tennis world since she was little, being her father her personal tennis coach as well as her sister Venus. Before the age of 10, she had already participated in about 50 tennis tournaments and had won 46. The debut in professional tennis from the famous tennis player was in 1995 at the Bell Challenge in Quebec but she didn’t begin to stand up until two years later, beating Monica Seles in the Ameritech Open in Chicago. Despite her dedication to the sport of tennis, the popular tennis player decided to study at the Art Institute of Florida at the end of secondary education.

In 1999 Serena Williams became the second African-American woman to win the US Open, returning it to win the doubles in the following year with her sister Venus, who also conquered the Roland Garros. In 2002 Williams had one of her best seasons, making three Grand Slams in a row (Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open) and reached number one in the tennis world. The run of the famous tennis player would continue the following year, becoming the seventh player in history to get 4 Grand Slams in a row, having won 5 of the 8 tournaments she played. In the following seasons she would highlight by, winning six times the Australia Open, the US and Wimbledon, becoming one of the best tennis players of all time.

The famous tennis player Serena Williamsalso has three gold medals of the Olympic Games in the category of doubles, and a single medal being won at the London Games 2012. Also, Serena Williams has appeared in several television series as Law & Order (2004), Drop Dead Diva (2012) and adventure film Pixels (2015). Thanks to her fame, the player also has her own brand of clothing called Aneres, in which she is the leading designer.