Students360 is the project created by Uniks for Education

We help academic institutions face two important challenges:

  • Train young people in emotional education, life skills and self-knowledge, essential for good personal development.

  • Combat the "bullying". At Uniks we do this from prevention, improving emotional education and promoting bonding between colleagues.

Uniks is a tool that promotes personal, social and emotional education through an App with which the student learns from life experience, the way ethics and emotions are best learned.

We have a positive impact on students, teachers and the academic institution to which we bring the following benefits:

We introduce the exploration of strengths in the educational system, helping students to develop their self-knowledge. In addition, we facilitate learning from all student environments, the educational environment, but also the family and social. Using Uniks is entertaining making it more effective.

What makes us unique?

  • Solid methodology created by experts.

  • High performance technological platform.

  • Easy integration into the life of the educational institution and the student.

  • Active participation of teachers.

  • Prevents bullying (during adolescence), promoting positive recognition among students.

Free and paid services

The free version offers a complete work platform with feedback of strengths and areas for improvement (360 analysis) and gratitude feedback with predefined concepts. The paid version, in addition, allows:

  • Configure the content of the gratitude feedback with the organization's values ​​and desired behaviours.

  • Access the control panel that allows global monitoring of the activity of the groups, with additional metrics and profiles.

What is a group?

A "Group" is a set of users interested in knowing the profile of the conglomerate. Also, in the paid version, groups can share gratitude with personalized concepts. The list of group members is not visible to those who are not part of the group.

What group information can you see:

  • How a group of students or teachers is perceived.

  • The gratitude that the members of the group have been sent.

We show the personality of each student in two profiles:

  • "How we think we are": Based on self-assessments.

  • "How others see us": Based on profiles (360º analysis).

Students' profiles are public as well as their sent and received evaluations.


How to start?

Download the app and register.

Now you have a personal profile in Uniks and, therefore, you can use the App like any other user.

tutorial step one title

Paso 2

Create the (students') group.

Any user can create a group and by doing it so it becomes the admin of that group. The group's admin can be changed at any time.

1. Register the Group.

Select the "+" button in the Groups menu and fill in the required fields.

tutorial step two first info

2. Closed (recommended setting) or Open.

If it's Closed, the admin must accept the requests from users who want to join the group.

tutorial step two second info

Step 3

Set up.

You can change the settings at any time.

3. Verified or not.

If you want to verify your group we will ask you some additional information.

tutorial step three first info

4. Member or not. Do you want to appear in the list of members?

If you are a member of a group, your profile will be part of its profile. In the case of groups of students, teachers should not be members so that they don't affect the group's profile.

tutorial step three second info

5. The group is now created!

Step 4

Activate the group.

6. Invite students to download the App.

You can do it by SMS, Email, and Facebook.

tutorial step four first info

7. Invite students to join right from the group's profile, tapping Invite.

All you have to do is search for users and select the ones you want to invite. Students may also request to join the group and, as an administrator, you must accept their request.

tutorial step four second info

Step 5

Pay to make the group's content visible.

tutorial step three first info

Set up your own content and access the control panel.

Contact us to request a demo.